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Will Jinjinoo Drown?

A Malar Mugam Adventure

The world’s first eco-novel for children, co-authored by a 9 year old girl!

Malar Mugam and her friend Mihir Mitra are two awesome children who love nature and everything about it – the trees, plants, flowers, animals and the ocean.

And they would do everything they can to save the earth from destruction.

In their very first adventure, they team up with an amazing bird to try save Mihir’s own island, Jinjinoo, from drowning as a result of climate change.

Authored by 9 year old Prakrithi Anand and her uncle Enn Ess, Will Jinjinoo Drown? is perhaps the first complete novel for children themed around climate change and global warming.

While the novel is suited for children of all ages beyond 6, children in the age group 7-13 will find the book especially interesting.

Read about Malar & Mihir’s adventure in their first novel

Will Jinjinoo Drown?

The novel is free to download as an eBook/PDF.

If you have trouble downloading, send an email to and I will send you the copy over Email. Thank you.

After reading the novel, you can email your answers to the questions raised by Malar, Mihir & the bird Hiroshu. Your answers will be published here!